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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vegan Journey: Enjoying whole, real food

My big learning experience yesterday was how much I appreciate the taste sensation of real, whole food.

I haven’t done any actual calculations, but from what I can reckon, I am eating about 70% raw foods. Whether it’s my mid-morning snack of celery sticks, baby carrots and sliced hot house cucumbers or fresh blueberries and hand cut watermelon chunks in the afternoon, my diet is mostly raw fruits and veggies.

Last night, I decided to try something I used to snack on pre-vegan journey. A rice cake with melted “cheese” on top.

It wasn’t real cheese. It was a vegan non-dairy, non-soy “cheese” that my niece Jennifer recommended. I popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds. My daughter Sophia watched what I was doing and started laughing as I smelled it and then took a small bite.

I couldn’t eat it.

I actually had to spit it out and throw it away. It may have tasted fine to anyone else, but my palate has changed so much, that the processed cheese product was not of interest to my now pure palate.

So – because of my diet change, not only do I no longer crave sugar, I also do not crave processed foods.

What an interesting and beneficial side effect of going vegan!


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  1. Daiya makes a very tasty version of a melting cheddar and a mozzarella that I found to be very tasty. perhaps the microwave method of cooking changed the product so that it wasn't as appetizing to you. Vegan cheese can really help broaden your repertoire.

    Be careful to get enough B-12 as you venture into this new lifestyle. Best of luck with it!


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